The One Person Project is a program of The Friends of Kahama Society
Support and Programs in Muhanga

We aim to provide Project Aid, which is a partnership whereby the villagers participate in the process with the ultimate goal of self-sustainability.

According to UNAIDS around 170,000 people are living with HIV in Rwanda.  Of those, 22,000 are children under the age of 15.  This is in a population of just under 11 million. Rape and the deliberate spread of AIDS were used as tools of war in the 1994 genocide.

We shipped a forty-foot container to Muhanga, which was filled with medical, educational, sports, family and entrepreneurial supplies.

Brenda and volunteer teams have undertaken (to date) 6 visits to the area.

Rwanda is one of Africa's poorest countries and has the densest population. It is a country with very few resources.
In rural areas about 64.7 per cent of the population are living in poverty. The 1994 genocide led to the loss of about 1 million lives and the creation of some 800,000 refugees and displaced persons, and had a devastating social and economic effect on the country.

We work with the Terimbere Rwanda Organization (TRO) formally known as GO Rwanda) the organization that received our first shipping container. TRO works in the Muhanga region to implement a genocide reconciliation project, which supports genocide survivors through community reconciliation and rehabilitation programs.

We have assisted TRO in their Programs:

  • Building homes
  • Pig Co-operative
  • Amizero Academy. A school to help vulnerable children, with a particular focus on girls.
  • We have donated 7 sewing machines to be used to set up a sewing co-operative
  • We have taken donated medical items to the Gakurazo Clinic
  • Bikes have been purchased with donations
  • A number of vulnerable families have received food, livestock and essential supplies.
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