The One Person Project is a program of The Friends of Kahama Society
Our Mission
The One Person Project (The Friends of Kahama Society) will demonstrate a model of action that illustrates how one community working together can bring about real and lasting change in another community, through education, advocacy and support.
Our Vision
To make a difference in the lives of orphans in Kahama, Tanzania, and to provide support as needed to the wider Kahama Community.
Our Values
Inclusiveness, Empowerment and Accountability.
We are open to all, regardless of ethnicity or religion.
Our aim is that everyone - our sponsor communities, and those supporting them, feels empowered.
We are developing a purpose driven; results focussed approach, which holds us and our sponsor communities, accountable.

Our Aims
One Person aims to:

 Educate and build awareness about poverty issues in Kahama, Tanzania.

Continue to run and expand Simon's Children's Centre Orphanage which we built with the support of our local and wider Canadian community. We recently renamed the orphanage to reflect a legacy donaton by Simon Sieben.

 Work with the representatives and citizens of Kahama, Tanzania to determine which projects are likely to lead to the ultimate goal of self-sustainability and social transformation for the orphanage.

 Organise fund raising events, with monies raised being used to ship, or purchase in Tanzania, resources and equipment to be used in all aspects of education, sports in schools, healthcare, animal husbandry, sewing co-ops, and sustainable transport development (bicycles), and the orphanage.

Regularly visit and volunteer at the orphanage to monitor and improve systems and results.

 Encourage volunteers to travel to Kahama to help at the orphanage and to advocate for the orphans on their return.

 Encourage professionals to travel to Kahama to teach and mentor fellow professionals, and to advocate for these communities on their return.